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 Who  is  Noble  Humanitarian  Missions ?

Noble Humanitarian Missions (NHM) is a global nonprofit organization 501(c)(3) that brings together people and businesses to support grassroots humanitarian and development organizations in Ethiopia. NHM facilitates with materials, financial, and technical support to its partners by connecting them with a global network of individuals and businesses with a shared mission of meeting the needs the underserved.

Our Mission

Noble Humanitarian Missions (NHM) mission is to build a global network of individuals and organizations in support of humanitarian & development Non-Profit Agencies in Ethiopia.

Our Vision

Improve the livelihood of underserved and marginalized communities by equipping and mobilizing local grassroots organizations with needed resources enabling them to create long term sustainable solutions.

Our Core Values

NHM is dedicated to being Transparency and Accountability to our supporters and partners by fostering a culture of openness and financial responsibility – and by holding our partners to the same level of Integrity that we expect from ourselves. We strive to carry out our mission with Humanity while building a network of Generosity for those in need.


Noble Humanitarian Missions is building a global support network to uplift local development and humanitarian organizations that are serving those in need.


Conducts outreach to protentional partners and stakeholders to raise awareness on the needs of life-changing local development and humanitarian grassroots organizations in Ethiopia.


Supports a global team of volunteers who raise awareness and gather support for NHM in their local communities and who donate their time and talents to support NHM’s mission.


Channels these resources to identify grassroots humanitarian and development organizations in Ethiopia aligned with our mission.


Supports these organizations with essential materials, resources and capacity-building to enhance their ability to carry out their life-changing work.



Join us to improve the lives of poor and marginalized communities in Ethiopia.



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